Privacy Policy

Users agree to the confidentiality agreement when they become a member of The Dodo Route. In order to ensure the satisfaction and safety of its users with the services it has provided by Dodo Route; the Internet address and The Dodo Route are mobile applications (hereinafter referred to as Dodo Route).) to protect the privacy of the information you provide while you are a member of the company has adopted the Basic Rules in accordance with the legislation. Your personal data is saved to the system when you are a member of The Dodo Route and when you are taking advantage of the services it provides. The security of the information entered into The Dodo Route has taken the necessary measures for the security of the system and the internet infrastructure. Users ' information on The Dodo Route(personal information, services purchased, etc.)) cannot be viewed by other users. Dodo Route will not share such information with any third party, institution or organization unless such disclosure is authorised by the customer or is under a legal obligation. Dodo route will only disclose this information in accordance with the required authorities and legal regulations, if requested. Our commitments to The Dodo Route privacy agreement are limited only to and The Dodo Route is valid in mobile applications. It does not apply to internet sites that advertise on The Dodo Route. Dodo Route shall not be liable for any material or immaterial damages or losses that may occur in these sites with the use of information, ethical principles, confidentiality principles, quality and service quality of other web sites which are used for advertisement, banner, content purposes or other purposes on the platforms of Dodo Route. The copyright of the information, services,and software data belonging to The Dodo Route are the property of The Dodo Route.Users may not enter or modify the software in any way without authorization other than under the conditions set forth by Dodo Route.